Love is…


     Love is made up of so many things.

It is often lost, or misunderstood, or not given another chance.

There is a love that takes one’s breath away, leaves one listless and surrenders itself utterly and completely. 

There is hopeless love and helpless love, but never heartless love.

Love without heart is not love but confusion.

Love is not a feeling but rather evokes “feelings”.

 Love is a choice, an action, an oath. 

It is unconditional, unihibited, truthful and upright.

It leaves no room for disappointment.

Love incorporates sacrifice.

Love waits.

Love never leaves.

Love never shifts or changes unwittingly.

Love does not abandon.

Love caresses, cares, keeps, holdsfast, longs for, breathes for, dies for.

 It is essential.

It is all that really matters afterall.  


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