For this subject…I could share without limit the utter joy and shear fulfillment of being a mother. Is there anything else on earth that quite compares to this unique relationship? A mother is eternally intertwined with this other precious person…this little soul that grew inside of you (miraculous!) or whom has been birthed in one’s own heart through adoption.

Their giggles…I will never stop loving my child’s giggle, and I pray there will not be one day in their life that that beautiful melodious bubbling will ever cease.

Their expressions. Those impertinent, joyful, heartbroken, listless, exuberant, heart catching facial features, that twist and mold into a roller coaster of transformations. I. LOVE. Their. Expressions.

The sweetness in my eldest son. The little toddler who is wiser than his years and totally unaware of it, who toddles up to me and says things so sweet it puts the honeybees to shame.  Things like, “Mommy you are so beauful. I love you frew stars and frew moon and frew sun and frew univers…”, *pauses for a breath and deep heart-melting sigh,…”Annnnd back.” My son. I LOVE who you are.

My youngest. My baby boy. He has most tantalizing cornflower blue eyes. Something I never thought I would be privileged to see considering my dark brown pair. He never fails to smile in return. Perhaps BEAM is a more accurate assessment. He really is my little sunshine. So overflowing with LIFE. Babies ooze life…if “ooze” is not too casual and inappropriate a word.  It just encompasses how I see them. It is like a honey river flowing out of them, strange as it sounds. You cannot escape the miracle that they are. It is like they are constant reminders of the greatest Reality many ignore. Something BEAUTIFUL created this miraculous BEAUTIFUL. My Creator.  My Big Papa. And I know it was not me. The only role I had to play, was the heart for being mother to these perfect precious children and sharing the joy of raising them with the Love of my Life (my Husband).

I love seeing my children. I CANNOT get enough of my children. I said this the day my first son was born, despite the comments from well meaning relatives that eventually my passion for their presence would die amongst the “3am feedings” and endless “poopy diapers”. I STILL cannot get enough of them. Never have, never will. Their presence is an ever present reminder of the redemption I have experienced in my own life. How I have been given second chances. Third chances.  Countless chances. To see. To breathe. To feel. To embrace and hold onto this little miracle knowing someday they will go out and make the world a better place because of the One that created them. The One who gave me more chances than I deserved and still continues to. The one who took a helpless child, and created something extraordinary out of her: a mother of generations. A mother of many.


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